The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
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UN’s Words of Praise for MSLU Professor

Mr. Sergey Kochetkov, Chief of the Interpretation Service of the Department for General Assembly and Conference Management of the United Nations, has sent a letter of appreciation to Dr. Olga Yevtushenko, professor of the Russian language department at MSLU for her contribution to advanced training of the staff of the
Russian Interpretation Section of the UN Secretariat. In May-June 2019, Dr. Olga Yevtushenko conducted three distance workshops for 15 staff members of the Russian Interpretation Section. In 2017, she began an
experimental investigation of UN speeches interpreted into Russian - hours of recorded material of the 71st and 72nd sessions of the General Assembly - to gain an insight in relevant theoretical and didactical problems in this area: specific difficulties of Russian as the target language, as well as violations of standard Russian norms. It
laid the groundwork for discourse- and register-related recommendations with regard to interpreting UN speeches into Russian and mastering new political concepts and terms. It was given a test-run at MSLU courses for language competitiveexaminations.

Mr. Sergey Kochetkov, who also participated in the workshops, expressed confidence in further fruitful cooperation with MSLU under the Memorandum of Understanding with view of training candidates for participation in language competitive exams (LCE).

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