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MSLU and Italo Calvino school signed an agreement

On January 20, Irina Krayeva, MSLU Rector, Ekaterina Pokholkova, Dean of the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, Irina Shokina, Head of International Department, and Elena Borisova, Head of the Italian Language Department, met with Giuseppe Lo Porto, Head of the Education Department of the Consulate of the Italian Republic in the Russian Federation and Leonardo Romei, director of the school Italo Calvino.

MSLU and the school got acquainted in 2018 during the All-Union Olympiad on the Italian language. In October 2020, Mr. Romei, being a prominent linguist and a leading comic books expert, took part in the conference "Image and Word: Graffiti, Illustrations, Comics ...". During this event, Mr. Romei had a chance to appreciate the Italian language competences of the MSLU students, who volunteered as simultaneous interpreters and presenters. Right after MSLU and the school agreed to conclude a long-term agreement for undergraduate students to undergo interpreting practice.

Irina Krayeva: “We are very pleased to secure that during the internship, our student translators will be able to develop their skills in interpreting and translation, as well as working with official documents. In addition, English Faculty students studying Italian will be able to undergo teaching practice at Italo Calvino school and get acquainted with Italian teaching methods. "
In November 2020, MSLU students Andrey Saushkin, Tatyana Leonova, and Anastasia Chalenko practiced their skills at the School, translating international agreements and business documents under the guidance of the school's curators.

“Your students' high level of language proficiency naturally contributes to the development of the relationship between the Italian community and your university,” said Mr. Romei.
At MSLU, 157 students study Italian: 87 at the Faculty of Translation and Interpreting, 62 at the Faculty of English and 8 at the Faculty of Humanities and Applied Sciences. MSLU partners with 14 Italian universities, including the double degree program.

Italo Calvino School at the Consulate General of Italy in Moscow was founded in 1973 and is the only school in Russia for native speakers of the Italian language. It comprises kindergarten, primary school, secondary school, linguistic lyceum. The school numbers 100 children. Education standards are set in accordance with the norms and regulations of the Italian Ministry of Education. Italo Calvino has the status of a comprehensive Italian school. For education, the nationality of the student does not matter.

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