The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

The meeting of the Vietnamese Club


The meeting of the Vietnamese Club was held in the office of the Russian-Vietnamese Friendship Society on the eve of Defender of the Motherland Day. Our university is a collective member of the Society. The meeting was attended not only by Russian and Vietnamese students of our university, but also Vietnamese students from other Moscow universities: Institute of Asia and African Countries at MSU, HSE and Military University.

Opening the meeting, Regina Budarina, Deputy Chairman of the Department of Internal Affairs, told the students about the work of the Society and invited them to take an active part in its events. Nikolai Kolesnik, chairman of the Interregional Association of Vietnam War Veterans told the youth about the first battle of Soviet military specialists who defended the peaceful skies of Vietnam, showed a video with the "Rocketmen's Song" and read his poem-remembrance of the help of Soviet soldiers to Vietnamese brothers in arms.

After the official part Vietnamese and Russian students communicated with each other in two languages ​​- Russian and Vietnamese – over a cup of tea.

The main task of the Vietnamese Club is to establish contacts between Vietnamese students studying at MSLU and their peers studying the Vietnamese language. Informal communication over a cup of tea helps to remove language barriers, master languages ​​that are difficult to learn - Russian and Vietnamese, learn a lot of interesting things about each other's culture and traditions, and, finally, make new friends. Such meetings significantly increase the motivation of students to study at the university and interest in the country of the language being studied.

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