The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Yunus Emre Institute in Moscow


On November 18, in the Turkish Center for Language and Culture of MSLU, Professor Mehmet Ulker, Director of the Yunus Emre Institute in Moscow met with Mikhail Sharov, director of MSLU Turkish Center for Language and Culture, Tatyana Mozol, head of the Department of Oriental Languages ​​of MSLU Translation and Interpreting Faculty, Anna Fedorova, head of the International Academic Mobility Department.

Yunus Emre Institute has 86 offices in 60 countries around the world. The Turkish Cultural Centers host various events aimed at getting to know Turkish culture and art, as well as national and international events that represent Turkey abroad.

Director Mehmet Ulker emphasized that the Institute is interested in raising the level of knowledge of students studying the Turkish language. The Center will promote professional growth in the field of Turkic studies by organizing practice and holding various scientific and educational conferences.

The parties discussed the prospects for cooperation between Russia and Turkey in the field of culture and education, in particular, the creation of joint courses.

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