The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Current trends in international relations and national interests of the Russian Federation

· Modern problems of research in international relations and world politics

· New risks in international politics

· National interests and national security

· Political problems of the international system

· The foreign policy process and the formation of the foreign policy of the Russian federation

· Analysis of international problems

· Megatrends and global problems

· Regional subsystems of international relations in the 21st century

· World economy and international economic relations

· Diplomatic and consular services

· Adoption of foreign policy decisions and foreign policy process

· The legal basis for the organization of the consular service in Russia

· Situational negotiating diplomacy: an actual workshop

· Modern diplomatic service

· Theory and history of diplomacy

· Strategic stability in the current system of international military-political relations

· Analysis of the international situation

· Modern foreign policy strategy of Russia and international conflicts

· The modern geopolitical process and the problems of international security

· Foreign economic activity of the Russian federation in the system of international economic relations

· Information and analytical work in professional activities