The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

International journalism

· History

· Philosophy

· Physical culture

· Vital safety

· Introduction to the profession

· Culturology

· History of world culture

· Concepts of modern natural science

· Modern Russian language

· Modern computer technologies

· Fundamentals of theory of journalism

· Jurisprudence

· Sociology

· Fundamentals of the theory of communication

· History of Russian literature

· Media technology and technology

· Political science

· Psychology

· Psychology of journalism

· Stylistics and literary editing

· Legal basis of journalism

· History and culture of the countries of the 2nd foreign language

· Economics and politics of the countries of the 2nd foreign language

· Nature and language of the screen

· TV and radio journalism

· Basics of photojournalism and camera skills

· Editorial and publishing activities

· Book publishing

· Basics of layout and design

· Topical issues of our time and journalism

· History of foreign literature

· History of foreign journalism

· Economy

· The history of Russian journalism

· Training (production of educational newspaper, radio, TV programs in real time)

· Logics

· Basics of advertising and public relations in the media

· Professional ethics of a journalist

· Sociology of journalism

· Economics and media management