The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Interpretation at international conferences

· History and methodology of science

· Information technology in the study of culture

· History and methodology of cultural studies

· Modern research of culture in Russia

· The study of culture in the modern world

· Modern methods of teaching cultural studies

· Interdisciplinary seminar on sociocultural research

· Modern techniques for analysing cultural texts

· Culture of academic writing

· Comparativistics in the study of sociocultural and confessional phenomena

· Semiotic approaches in the humanities and social sciences

· Pedagogical technologies in the teaching of cultural studies

· Professional ethics of culturologists in the field of specialization

· The cultural policy of Russia in the context of globalization

· The cultural policy of the CIS in the context of globalization

· Media space as a means of intercultural dialogue

· Visual culture of the present: east-west dialogue

· Intellectual traditions of the Muslim world

· The influence of Arab art on the culture of Europe

· Actual problems of Islamic culture in the CIS space

· Interaction between the Russian state and the Muslim Ummah: history and modernity

· The history of religious associations in multi-confessional Russia

· Modern practice of socio-cultural design in educational organizations

· Methodology for conducting a study on intercultural and interreligious interaction