The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Legal support of personnel management

· Legal regulation of the responsibilities of the parties to the employment relationship

· Labour disputes. Mediation in resolving labour disputes

· Legal regulation of labour of foreign citizens

· Legal maintenance of personnel management

· Social partnership

· Legal regulation of staff motivation

· Legal regulation of training for development and evaluation of personnel

· Legal regulation of labour protection

· Actual problems of labour law

· Legal regulation of service relations

· Legal protection of confidential information of trade secrets and personal data

· Modern problems of the theory and methodology of labour law

· Comparative labour law

· History of the labour law of Russia

· Social security law

· Modern technologies of personnel management

· International labour standards

· Local rulemaking

· Philosophy of law

· History of political and legal doctrines

· Comparative jurisprudence

· Business planning

· Organization of the activity of legal service

· Foreign language in the field of jurisprudence English

· History and methodology of legal science

· Legal aspects of workflow in an organization

· Actual problems of labour law