The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Organization and technology of information security

· History

· Philosophy

· Physical culture

· Vital safety

· Jurisprudence

· Protection of information in leading foreign countries

· Practical logic and theory of algorithms

· Fundamentals of information security

· Economics and business basics of Russian enterprises

· Russian language and culture of speech

· Document science

· Mathematics

· Theory of probability and mathematical statistics

· Fundamentals of management activities

· Discrete math

· Physics

· Optimization methods

· Computer hardware

· Technologies, methods and programming languages

· Software and hardware means of information protection

· Legal support of information security

· Electrical engineering, electronics and circuit engineering

· Analysis of information security threats and information risk management

· Cryptographic methods of information protection

· International and Russian standards and recommendations for information security

· Informational and analytical activities to ensure integrated security

· Engineering and technical protection of information

· Economics of information security

· Organization and management of the information security service

· Social psychology

· Psychology of internet communications

· Theory of systems and systems analysis

· History of information technology

· History of information security

· Theory and models of information confrontation

· Network and system administration

· Networks and information transfer systems

· Information security in mobile networks

· Information security in Wi-Fi networks

· Monitoring of corporate networks, analysis and investigation of computer crimes

· Perfection of corporate traffic and control of actions of users of corporate networks

· Security of IP telephony

· Protection of voice traffic in IP networks

· Creation and support of internet resources

· Modern web technologies

· Service of security-fire systems

· Service monitoring systems and access control

· E-business security

· Protection and processing of confidential documents

· Firewall

· Traffic filtering in IP networks

· Building and protecting corporate information networks

· State regulators and regulatory requirements in the field of information security

· Protection of information resources of the internet

· Integrated enterprise information security system

· Information security of open systems