The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Psychological and pedagogical basis of intercultural communication

· Neurophysiology

· Information technologies in psychology and education

· General psychological workshop

· Mathematical methods in psychological activity

· Developmental psychology

· Pedagogical psychology

· Psychology of health

· Theoretical and applied psychosemantics

· Technology of conflict resolution in intercultural communication

· Fundamentals of psychological counseling

· Advisory technologies: a cross-cultural dimension

· Cultural differences in practical psychology

· Socio-psychological training

· Training of collective activity

· Psychology of internet communications

· Information technologies in intercultural communication

· Pedagogy

· Organizational psychology

· Introduction to clinical psychology

· Methodological basis of psychology

· Psychological and pedagogical basis of intercultural communication

· Self-development of a psychologist

· Planning an experiment

· History of psychology

· Anatomy of the central nervous system

· Anthropology

· Introduction to the profession

· History and culture of the countries of the first foreign language

· General psychology

· Fundamentals of human anatomy

· Psychodiagnostics

· Psychology of personality

· Family psychology with the basics of family counseling

· Psychology of work

· Psychophysiology

· Social psychology

· Special psychology

· Experimental psychology

· Ethical and legal aspects of the work of a psychologist

· Ethnopsychology