The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Sociological analysis of the media sphere and media communications

· Philosophy and methodology of social sciences

· Modern sociological theories (communicative models of society)

· Computer technology analysis of sociological data

· Sociology of communication systems

· Theory and practice of work with personnel

· Social forecasting and design

· Sociology of advertising activities

· The technology of registration and presentation of the results of sociological and

· Marketing research

· Theory and practice of public relations

· Research workshop communication in the media sphere

· Research seminar marketing communications

· Qualitative methods in media research

· Modern methods of analysing the audience and content of the media

· Analysis of advertising and internet communications using web analytics tools

· Research on the effectiveness of advertising and internet communications

· Modern methods and technologies of sociological research in the media sphere

· Online research in sociology

· Theory and practice of media measurement and media planning

· Research workshop modern methods and techniques of content analysis

· Sociolinguistics