The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

Theoretical, applied and experimental linguistics

· History and methodology of science

· Pedagogy and psychology of the higher school

· General linguistics and the history of linguistic teachings

· Quantitative linguistics and new information technologies

· Psycholinguistics

· Programming and the latest information technologies

· Linguo-cognitivistics and synergetic

· Applied mathematics

· Linguistics and systems of pattern recognition

· Complex methods of analysis of oral-speech discourse

· Intellectual systems in linguo-cybernetics

· Computer technologies of acoustic analysis of speech signal in phonographic examination

· Linguistic conflictology

· Linguosteganography and cryptography

· Modern supercomputer technologies

· Media linguistics

· Theory and practice of scientific experiment

· Basic components of applied speech and new information technologies

· Designing intelligent information systems

· Intellectualization of applied linguistic systems