The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University


Specialisation: Advertising and Public Relations in Global World

Study Mode: Full time

Duration: 4 academic years (240 ECTS)

Entry Criteria: Russian Certificate of Complete Secondary Education (or equivalent), with school-leaving Unified State Examination results in Foreign Language, Social Science, and Russian

Would you like to know advertising and public relations? Are you interested in studying at least two foreign languages? Would you take the challenge of becoming a public relations expert? If so, then our university has an attractive option for you.

Programme Overview

Our 4-year Bachelor programme is designed to provide you with extensive professional training in public relations and advertising business. As a communication relations specialist, you will learn to create and promote the image of a company, to develop communication projects, to launch an advertising campaign. This field is particularly suitable for those who can boast impressive stress resistance and would like to find use for their leadership and interpersonal skills. A distinctive feature of the programme is that it allows you to study two modern languages (English & FL2) in depth together with your major. At the end of your studies you will have an oral final examination in Communication Panel Management. You will also give a viva presentation of your graduation research paper (Bachelor’s Thesis).

What You Will Study

Teaching is provided through lectures, classes or seminars.

· Theory and practice of the modern Russian language

· Modern European languages: English and German

· Copywriting

· Information technology in advertising and public relations

· Theory and practice of mass media

· Media planning

· Fundamentals of project activities in advertising and public relations

· PR management

Course structure

Year 1

The first year focuses on developing your competence in mass information, advertising, public relations and marketing (with courses in Mass Communication, Advertising and Public Relations, and Marketing). In addition, the course of a second foreign language is introduced.

Year 2

In the second year, you will develop the practical skills of effective writing (Stylistics and Literary Editing, Effective Writing in Advertising and Public Relations). You will also start a special course in the second foreign language with emphasis on communication in a variety of professional contexts.

Year 3

During the third year, you will master the skills of media planning, management and applying modern computer technologies to public relations and advertising practices (Media Planning, Management, Modern Computer Technologies in Advertising and PR). You will be given an opportunity to reinforce the skills during your research internship.

Year 4

In the fourth year of your Bachelor programme, you will take on Managing Advertising and PR campaigns, Influencing Public Opinion, along with Public Relations in Crisis Management. Brand Building, Corporate Design, Advertising and PR in Business and Project Development are valuable additions to the curriculum. You will be allowed four weeks to complete your Bachelor’s Thesis.


On graduation, you can either continue your studies to get a Master’s Degree or go on to work in a business or government agency as a public relations officer, an image-maker, a copywriter or a political consultant