The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University


Specialisation: International Hotel Business

Study Mode: Full time

Duration: 4 academic years (240 ECTS)

Entry Criteria: Russian Certificate of Complete Secondary Education (or equivalent), with school-leaving Unified State Examination results in Foreign Language, Social Science, and Russian

Are you friendly and welcoming? Do you want to host foreign guests and show them the country? Would you like to take on the challenge of combining hotel business with studying at least two foreign languages? If so, then our university has an attractive option for you.

Programme Overview

Our dynamic and exciting programme is designed to kick-start your career in the filed of international hospitality management. A higher education in the international hospitality industry is the beginning of a successful professional start for talented young people. The educational programme will allow you to get a unique and interesting profession, which is widely in demand both in Russia and abroad and provides excellent career opportunities. The programme is designed to equip you with academic theory, up-to-date industry knowledge and practical experience and allows you to combine your main skills with studying at least two foreign languages - Chinese, English, French, Spanish. The programme offers a balance of theory and hands-on learning to prepare you for your career. You will also have the chance to put your learning into practice on a Russia or overseas-based internship at top hotels. At the end of your studies you will give a viva presentation of your graduation research paper (Bachelor’s Thesis).

What You Will Study

· Economics of the hospitality industry

· Management of hospitality enterprises

· World hotel market and hotel classification

· Marketing of hospitality enterprises

· Personnel management in the hospitality industry

· Organization of the hotel business

· Management of innovations in the hospitality industry;

· Management of conflicts and psychological comfort of service in the hospitality sector

· Quality control and service standards in the hotel business, etc.

Course structure

Year 1

In your first year, you will be introduced to core concepts in mathematical methods and technologies in the industry. You will study history, economics and professional ethics of hospitality. In addition, you will develop your competence in your FL1, laying the foundation of FL2 (from the second semester).

Year 2

In your second year, you will explore the Theories of corporate culture, Marketing and Legal regulation in hospitality industry. These subjects will be combined with intensive training in two foreign languages and mastering a wide range of practical and editorial skills.

Year 3

In your third year, you will learn the Catering and Human resources management in hospitality industry. You will also start learning about the Hotel business organization. You will continue to refine your skills both in FL 1 and FL2 by researching materials and presenting information in them.

Year 4

In the fourth year, you will take on Economic analysis, Innovation and Quality management, as well as Document support. You will be allowed four weeks to complete your Bachelor’s Thesis.


On graduation you can either continue your studies to get a Master’s Degree or go out to work in a hotel and hospitality industry. Graduates of BA in International hospitality management will be able to pursue careers in a variety of contexts, including hospitality management, hospitality marketing, guest services, HR, and revenue management. Our graduates are employed by world-class hotels, leisure centres, restaurants and catering services such as Baltschug Kempinski, Moscow Hilton Leningradskaya, Moscow Marriott Grand Hotel, Moscow Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel, Holiday Inn Moscow Suschevsky, Sheraton Palace Hotel Moscow, Azimut Hotel Olympic Moscow to name but a few.