The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

45.03.02 BA in LINGUISTICS / Audio Description & Intercultural Communication

Specialisation: Audio Description & Intercultural Communication

Study Mode: Full time

Duration: 4 academic years (240 ECTS)

Entry Criteria: Russian Certificate of Complete Secondary Education (or equivalent), with school-leaving Unified State Examination results in History, Foreign Language, and Russian

Would you like to help people understand foreign films and theatre performances? Are you interested in studying at least two foreign languages? Would you take the challenge of applying your knowledge and skills to working with videos and audios? If so, then our university has an attractive option for you.

Programme Overview

Our 4-year BA programme is designed to provide high-quality training in audio description.You will be able to provide inclusive audio descriptions for a range of media (film, theatre, and TV) in foreign languages \ from a foreign language into Russian.

What You Will Study

· Practical foreign language courses: German and English

· Workshops on the culture of speech communication: German and English

· Workshops on intercultural communication

· Workshops on professional communication

· Professionally oriented translation

· Commenting on audiovisual texts


· Audio description

· Introduction to the theory of intercultural communication

· Fundamentals of linguistics

· Russian language and speech culture

· Language, culture, history of the countries of the first/second foreign language

· Lexicology

· Stylistics

· Theoretical grammar

· Theoretical phonetics

· Literature of the countries of the first and second foreign language

· Psychology

· Fundamentals of the theory of a second foreign language

· The use of modern information technologies in professional activity.


Our graduates are highly competent specialists with knowledge of two foreign languages in the following areas:

· audio description of feature films and documentaries, videos

· theatrical productions, ceremonies, presentations, concerts, public speeches and discussions, press conferences

· sports competitions

· television programs and broadcasts

· audio description of museum expositions and exhibits, exhibitions and exhibition exhibits, art galleries, objects of painting, sculpture and architecture

· natural and artificial landscapes

· human environment

images, including electronic