The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University


Specialization: Linguistics in the Modern Information and Communication Digital Environment

Study Mode: Full Time

Duration: 4 academic years (240 ECTS)

Entry Criteria: Russian Certificate of Complete Secondary Education (or equivalent), with school-leaving Unified State Examination results in Maths, Foreign Language, and Russian

Are you interested in technologies and achievements at the intersection of linguistics and information technology? Do you want to learn how to work with automatic and automated translation systems, electronic dictionaries, text corpora, speech recognition and synthesis systems, linguistic methods of information security? Or perhaps you want to build and improve such systems? Apply for Fundamental and Applied Linguistics and get a chance to become a specialist at the intersection of humanities and technical sciences.

Programme Overview

Our quality programme aims to provide a thorough grounding in fundamental and applied linguistics.

The programme has a practical focus with the skills you need for your career embedded into the course. The Maths modules are designed to give students a set of mathematical skills, which will enable them to analyse text and speech.

What You Will Study

· Modern European languages: English and a second foreign language

· Ancient languages and cultures

· Fundamentals of Technical Translation and Professional Ethics

· Fundamentals of Modern Programming

· Mathematics and Information Technology

· Programming and New Information Technologies

· Russian language and Speech Culture

· Workshop on conducting psycholinguistic experiments

· Fundamentals of Fundamental and Applied Linguistics

· Formal models in Linguistics

· Corpus linguistics and new information technologies

· Mathematical foundations of humanitarian knowledge

· Fundamentals of computer technologies for the analysis of sounding speech

· Cognitive science and modern applied linguistics

· Interdisciplinarity in sociolinguistics

· Fundamentals of modern psycholinguistics

· Mathematical methods of interdisciplinary speech research

· Information technologies in linguistics

Automated processing of text arrays.