The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

PSYCHOLOGY 37.03.01 - Psychological and Pedagogical Foundations of Intercultural Communication

Specialisation: Psychological and Pedagogical Foundations of Intercultural Communication

Degree: Bachelor

Study Mode: Full Time/Part Time


Full Time: 4 academic years (240ECTS)

Part Time: 5 academic years (240ECTS)

Entry Criteria: Russian Certificate of Complete Secondary Education (or equivalent), with school-leaving Unified State Examination results in Biology, Foreign Language and Russian.

Are you curious about the laws that govern human behaviour and motivation and ways to minimise or prevent intercultural misunderstanding? Would you like to help young people fulfill their potential, acting as an educational psychologist, career advisor or HR specialist? Are you determined to embark upon your own scholarly career in psychological science? If you are interested in gaining solid background in psychology and becoming proficient in two foreign languages as well, then our University has just the Bachelor programme to meet your needs.

Programme Overview

The programme offers you a unique opportunity to study two foreign languages and get fundamental training in the field of psychology. The curriculum covers a wide range of psychological disciplines, such as General, Social, Educational and Clinical Psychology, and other courses necessary for every psychologist, such as Biology, Mathematics and Information Technology in Psychology. The programme consists of both theoretical and practical disciplines, e.g. Counselling, Psychological Trainings and Psychodiagnostics. Professional placement also plays an important role. Our students are placed with research institutions, companies and schools.

At the end of your studies you will have an oral final examination in Psychology. You will also give a viva presentation of your graduation research paper (Bachelor’s Thesis).

After graduation you will be able to work in HR departments or HR consulting companies, in schools, educational centres, and kindergartens. You can also be engaged in research or teaching, or work as interpreter or translator in the field of psychology and related disciplines. Those interested in further studies and more advanced research will definitely appreciate the Master programme our university offers.

Year 1

The first year focuses on giving you a sound foundation in subjects such as General Psychology, Neurophysiology and Psychophysiology. It is also the time when the foundation of your two foreign languages (one of them English) will be laid.

Year 2

Languages and General Psychology will continue in your second year, supplemented by Developmental, Educational, Social, Labour and Experimental Psychology and Applied Math.

Year 3

In your third year, psychological disciplines get even more specialised with Organisational, Personal, Ethnic and Clinical Psychology, Psychology of Intercultural Communication and Psychodiagnostics. You will also be offered a choice of optional courses in Counseling and culture-specific aspects of psychology. The second semester is a time of your first work placement period. The languages curriculum continues.

Year 4

The theoretical disciplines of your final year are particularly relevant for your research (Experiment Planning in Psychology) and for your career development (Ethical and Legal Aspects of Practical Psychology). Your fourth year will bring even more electives, relating to Psychological Trainings and IT in Intercultural Communication. You will be allowed four weeks to complete your Bachelor’s Thesis.