The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

45.04.02 MA in LINGUISTICS / Conference interpreting

Specialisation: Conference interpreting

Study Mode: Full time

Duration: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)

Programme Overview

The programme aims to provide high-quality training in consecutive and simultaneous interpretating. Our graduates are multu-skilled professionals who are able to work at a high level, efficiently and accurately regardless of the complexity of the task at hand. Students study two foreign languages at an advanced level (one of them is always English), as well as specialized disciplines, which enables them to develop skills in all interpreting modes. The impressive number of languages and high-quality teaching offered by the Translation and Interpreting Faculty of MSLU will enable any language graduate with a honors degree to master the art of interpreting.

What You Will Study

Core disciplines

· Intercultural communication (FL1, FL2)

· Consecutive interpreting (FL2)

· Consecutive interpreting (FL2)

· Simultaneous interpreting (FL1)

· Simultaneous interpreting (FL2)

· Consecutive interptating of specialised texts (FL1)

· Translation of special texts (FL1)

· Consecutive interpreting of specialised texts (FL2)

· Translation of special texts (FL1)


Our graduates work for large Russian and international organisations. The average salary for a simultaneous interpreter is ₽ 150-600k a month, for a consecutive interpreter - ₽ 100-300k a month.