The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

LINGUISTICS 45.04.02 - Psychology

Specialisation: Psychology (37.04.01)

Degree: Master

Study Mode: Full Time

Duration: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)

Entry criteria: a Bachelor's (or higher) degree

Do you feel you are struggling what next step to take on your career path? Do you wish to extend your understanding of Psychology as a research-oriented discipline and become better prepared for a quality employment position, or aim for a further degree? Do you want to get well-equipped for doing advanced research or are you thinking about a teaching career? If you are interested in gaining solid background in psychology and becoming proficient in two foreign languages as well, then our University has just the Master programme to meet your needs.

Programme Overview

The focus of our 2-year Master programme is two-fold. Firstly, it has a strong practical orientation by developing your skills required to become a counselling psychologist. Secondly, it is an advanced interdisciplinary programme with a significant research component that provides you with the opportunities and support needed to develop into a competent research psychologist, including further study and research at PhD level. Uniquely, with two foreign languages on the curriculum, it equips you with the skills and competence you will need to work in today's multilingual professional settings.

At the end of your studies you will have an oral final examination in Psychology and give a viva presentation of your Master's Thesis.

The Programme develops key competencies that are highly attractive to employers, specifically critical analysis skills, presentation and writing skills, as well as public engagement skills. The Programme is a solid foundation for a wide range of careers in applied or research settings in both private and public sector organisations, including careers in education, health and social care services, with advisory organisations, helplines and human resources departments.

Year 1

The first year introduces topics and skills necessary for designing and conducting psychological research, including data generation and analysis techniques (Research Design in Psychology, Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, etc). At the same time you will develop as a reflective practitioner, studying practical issues (Theoretical Perspectives Applied to Contemporary Psychology, Psychological Training, etc). You will also enhance your practical skills in two foreign languages, with special emphasis on scholarly discourse and oral and written communication in a variety of professional contexts. In addition, you will gain some teaching experience.

Year 2

In the second year, you will develop your skills of counselling (Counselling Methods and Techniques), human interaction (Psychology of Communication, Differential Psychology, etc.) as well as build up your research. You will have four weeks to finalise work on your Master’s thesis that is to be of both academic and practical value.