The Maurice Thorez Institute of Foreign Languages
Moscow State Linguistic University

SOCIOLOGY 39.04.01 - Sociology of Communication Systems

Specialisation: Sociology of Communication Systems

Degree: Master

Study Mode: Full Time

Duration: 2 academic years (120 ECTS)

Entry Criteria:a Bachelor's (or higher) degree plus MSLU Entrance Interviews in Sociology and a Foreign Language

Do you wish to extend your understanding of Sociology as a research-oriented discipline and become better prepared for a quality employment position, or aim for a further degree? Do you want to get well-equipped for doing advanced research, or are you thinking about a teaching career? In case you are interested in gaining solid background in sociology and cross-cultural communication and becoming proficient in a foreign language as well, this Master-level programme is for you!

Program Overview

Our 2-year Master programme is designed to develop your theoretical knowledge of social phenomena at macro and micro levels and to master your practical and analytical skills in addressing contemporary sociological problems. You will explore the most effective methods of putting this theoretical knowledge into practice and gain the experience of performing and documenting your own research.

At the end of your studies, you will have an oral final examination in Sociology of Communication Systems and give a viva presentation of your Master’s Thesis.

On graduation, you can either continue research at the doctoral level or go out to work and apply the acquired skills in a wide range of occupational areas, including social care, public relations and advertising, marketing and human resources, public administration, and education.

Year 1

The first year focuses on developing your competence in designing and conducting sociological research and includes such disciplines as Philosophy and Methodology of Social Sciences, Technology of Social Research, Modern Methods of Sociological Research in Marketing and Media, etc. You will also enhance your practical skills in a foreign language, with special emphasis on scholarly discourse and oral and written communication in a variety of professional contexts. In the first semester you will also start your independent research project, leading to a Master’s thesis in your second year. In the second semester you will have a six-week work placement period to gain professional experience and practice your skills.

Year 2

In the second year you add a few more courses to your theoretical background, such as Media Communication, Marketing Communication, Communication Management, Sociology of Advertising and Social Forecasting and Planning. These subjects are combined with intensive training in a foreign language. In the second semester you will have four weeks to finalise work on your Master’s thesis that is to be of both academic and practical value, and to prepare for your graduation examination.